The new construction of Kita Hohenahr-Altenkirchen 

"The names of our groups are derived from the colors Red, Orange, Green, and Blue. When designing the space, this needs to be highlighted."

The municipality of Hohenahr has three facilities, one of which is the daycare center located in Altenkirchen. The daycare facility has been housed in the village community center's annex since 1981. The facility was able to relocate to its new location at Mudersbacher Straße 22 in the fall of 2022.

There are various functional areas in the group rooms. Through a diverse range of materials, objects, and toys, kids can explore their ideas and acquire new insights and experiences. The daycare facility is home to about 87 kids, who are split up into four groups called red, yellow, green, and blue.

Sound-absorbing ceilings from PZ-Akustik combined with coloured luminaires from bpe:LICHT complete the idea of the red, yellow, green, and blue groups. PZ-Akustik highlights that their exceptional quality, professional knowledge, and inventiveness define them. This description fits the bpe:LIGHT spirit. It was feasible to modify the lighting for the rooms in close coordination with the engineering office. In each room, there are round ceiling luminaires and RING luminaires in the recurrent colours of red, yellow, green, and blue.